Have you ever been perplexed?  Frustrated? Wanted to fix something but didn’t know how?

Me too.

My experience as a pastor taught me that most of my perplexedness (yes, I make up words) came from communication breakdowns.  I decided to learn all I could about effective communication and share my learnings with the world.

I am a wife, mom, pastor, adjunct professor at Elizabethtown College School of Constinuting and Professional Studies (AKA Etown Degrees), and, most recently, a mediator and confict transformation professional.  I have a passion for equipping people to communicate more effectively so that they can have more fulfilling lives.  Here’s the official “bio” from my most recent brochure:

Elizabeth Givler, M. Div., is an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church.  As a pastor for over a decade and pastor’s kid for her whole life, she has seen the good, bad, and ugly in congregations. She has experienced the hurt from toxic congregations as well as the joys of reconciliation in conflicted congregations. Elizabeth has served as an interim pastor / transition consultant, has trained as a mediator with the Montgomery County  (PA) Mediation Center and the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center.

Looking forward to conversing with you!